Kylemore Castletroy

This development of 249 dwellings located on an 8.1 hectare site, off the new School House Road.
Access to the site is from a 7.5m wide road which has recently been constructed.
Surface water from the development will be collected by 2 surface water networks with the flows from each network being attenuated in an underground storage tank using a hydrobrake flow control device. Controlled flows from the storage tank will discharge to the Groody River.
The foul sewer network is proposed to fall by gravity to a manhole located to the north-west corner of the site, which will tie into the existing County Council sewer located approximately 300m to the west. Potable water for the development will be provided by connecting a new 200mm diameter watermain to the existing water at the site entrance.

Architect : Arnold Leahy & Partners
Civil Design : Philip O’Regan
When at PH McCarthy Consulting Engineers