Lucan Palmerstown Water Supply

The scheme involves the pumping of treated water from the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant to a new 40,000m3 service reservoir from where water is delivered through new trunk mains to the network. Due to the close proximity of the Peamount Hospital special consideration was given

Silogue Water Treatment

This landmark project designed as part of Dublin City Council’s implementation of water supply improvements to the north of the city involved the provision of a 30,000m3 ground level reservoir, pumping station and a high level water tower of distinctive design. Eddie O’Donovan was responsible for

Galway Main Drainage

The Galway Main Drainage project involved the design and construction of a new 90,000pe secondary wastewater treatment works with sludge treament on Mutton Island in Galway Bay.  Given its sensitive location the works had to be designed with a low visual impact, withstand a harsh

Dunshaughlin Water Treatment

Dunshauglin in County Meath has a groundwater supply and this required development to meet current and future service requirements. So 6 new bore-holes were drilled, a new water treatment works was provided and a 3,000 m3 water tower was constructed to provide storage to manage

Dublin Bay Project

The Dublin Bay Project involved the expansion of the existing Ringsend primary treatment works to a full secondary 1.6M pe works with UV treatment of the final effluent during the bathing season.  It is the largest WWTW designed and constructed in Ireland and was procured


Ballyjamesduff wastewater treatment works(wwtw) in Cavan, is a 2,000 pe extended aeration works using an oxidation ditch to achieve simultaneous nitrification and de-nitrification and has a tertiary clarifier to achieve a 10:10 BOD:TSS final effluent with N and P reduction, as the final effluent is